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== Outils ==
*{{marqueur| nom=Cat Scan |url=http://tools.wmflabs.org/catscan2/catscan2.php}}
*{{marqueur| nom=Transwiki en-fr page|url=http://inkey-art.net/Transvoyage/}}
*{{marqueur| nom=Transwiki en-fr listing|url=http://fabsk.eu/voy/convert.html}}
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! <big>Pages et outils</big>
! <big>[[Special:SpecialPages|Pages spéciales]]</big>
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|'''Pages Wikivoyage'''<small>
* [[Wikivoyage:Nominations d'administrateurs|<abbr title="This is the page for submitting and discussing nominations for administrator.">Nominations d'administrateurs</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Cleanup|<abbr title="This page is for organizing specific cleanup tasks.">Cleanup</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Communauté|<abbr title="The central place for working together on Wikivoyage.">Portail de la communauté</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Collaboration du mois|<abbr title="Candidates for Collaboration of the Month">Collaboration du mois</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Expéditions|<abbr title="This is the index page for Expeditions, our specific, task-oriented projects for improving our guides.">Expéditions</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Pages needing images|<abbr title="This page contains a list of pages which have no images yet.">Pages needing images</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Policies|<abbr title="This is the index/summary page for Wikivoyage's policies and guidelines.">Policies</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Requests for comment|<abbr title="This is a place Wikivoyagers can request more attention for a discussion or issue that might otherwise go unnoticed">Requests for comment</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Requested articles|<abbr title="Suggestions for articles to be created.">Requested articles</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Requests for maps|<abbr title="Requests for custom maps to be created.">Requested maps</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Requests for phrasebooks|<abbr title="Suggestions for phrasebooks to be created for other languages.">Requested phrasebooks</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Roadmap|<abbr title="This page is a central place for tracking certain ideas and having discussions regarding new features for Wikivoyage in the future.">Roadmap</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Script nominations|<abbr title="This page is for nominations and discussions for new scripts/bots.">Script nominations</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Star nominations|<abbr title="This page is for nominations and discussions on promoting articles to star status.">Star nominations</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Votes for deletion|<abbr title="This page is for proposing and discussing the deletion of articles. There are currently {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Vfd}} pages nominated.">Votes for deletion ({{PAGESINCATEGORY:Vfd}})]]
* [[Wikivoyage:World cities|<abbr title="Lists of significant world cities which should have articles on Wikivoyage.">World cities</abbr>]]
|'''<abbr title="Mediawiki pages can only be altered by administrators.">Mediawiki pages</abbr>'''<small>
* [[MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist|<abbr title="Local list of spammy URLs which are blocked from being added to our articles.">Spam blacklist</abbr>]]
* [[MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist|<abbr title="Local exception list of URLs which are on the global spam blacklist but which have been approved for addition to our articles.">Spam whitelist</abbr>]]
* [[MediaWiki:Sitenotice|<abbr title="The site notice appear at the top of all pages, used for sitewide announcements.">Site notice</abbr>]]
|'''<abbr title="These external websites have various useful tools and information.">Pages/outils externes</abbr>'''<small>
* <abbr title="This map shows the locations of all destinations which have an article on Wikivoyage.">[http://tools.wmflabs.org/wikivoyage/w/artmap.php?lang=fr Carte des articles de WV]</abbr>
* [[meta:Wikivoyage|<abbr title="The Wikivoyage page on Meta contains some statistics and general information regarding the project.">meta:Wikivoyage</abbr>]]
* [[meta:Wikivoyage/Lounge|<abbr title="The Wikivoyage Lounge on Meta is the place for discussing issues which affect all language versions of Wikivoyage.">meta:Lounge</abbr>]]
* [[meta:Wikivoyage/Summit|<abbr title="la page du sommet contient un rapport mensuel de chaque version linguistique de WV.">meta:Summit</abbr>]]
* <abbr title="Bugzilla is our resource for reporting bugs and errors and for requesting new features.">[https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/buglist.cgi?chfieldto=Now&query_format=advanced&order=Last%20Changed&chfieldfrom=2013-10-12&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&bug_status=RESOLVED&bug_status=VERIFIED&bug_status=CLOSED&longdesc=Wikivoyage&resolution=---&resolution=WONTFIX&resolution=LATER&longdesc_type=allwordssubstr&list_id=242664 Bugzilla]</abbr>
* <abbr title="This page has a wealth of statistical and comparative information regarding all language versions of Wikivoyage.">[http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikivoyage/EN/Sitemap.htm Multilingual statistics]</abbr>
* <abbr title="This is a simple tool for finding pages with two or more given categories.">[http://tools.wmflabs.org/catscan2/quick_intersection.php Category intersection]</abbr>
* <abbr title="This is a more complex tool for finding pages with given combinations of categories and templates.">[http://tools.wmflabs.org/catscan2/catscan2.php?language=en&project=wikivoyage CatScan 2.0]</abbr>
* <abbr title="Free Image Search Tool - This page offers a variety of search possibilities related to images.">[http://tools.wmflabs.org/fist/fist.php?doit=1&language=en&project=wikivoyage&data=category_name_here&datatype=categories&params%5Bcatdepth%5D=0&params%5Brandom%5D=50&params%5Bll_max%5D=5&params%5Bcommons_max%5D=5&params%5Bflickr_max%5D=5&params%5Binclude_flickr_id%5D=1&params%5Bwts_max%5D=5&params%5Bgimp_max%5D=5&params%5Besp_max%5D=5&params%5Besp_skip_flickr%5D=1&params%5Bgeograph_max%5D=5&params%5Bforarticles%5D=noimage&params%5Blessthan_images%5D=3&params%5Bdefault_thumbnail_size%5D=&params%5Bjpeg%5D=1&params%5Bpng%5D=1&params%5Bgif%5D=1&params%5Bsvg%5D=1&params%5Bogg%5D=1&params%5Bmin_width%5D=80&params%5Bmin_height%5D=80 FIST]</abbr>
* <abbr title="This page gives an overview of a given users editing behavior.">[https://tools.wmflabs.org/xtools/pcount/index.php? X's edit counter]</abbr>
* {{Abréviation|[http://inkey-art.net/Transvoyage/ Transwiki] |Transwiki traduit les éléments wikicode comme les listings et autres spécifiques au Wikivoyage en anglais dans la syntaxe Wikivoyage en française.}}
* {{Abréviation|[http://fabsk.eu/voy/convert.html Traducteur de listing] |Traduit les paramètres un listing du Wikivoyage en anglais en français}}</small>
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* [[Special:RecentChanges|<abbr title="Patrol recent changes on the wiki.">Recent changes</abbr>]]
* [[Special:Statistics|<abbr title="Statistics on numbers of pages, edits, and users.">Statistics</abbr>]]
* [[Special:Log|<abbr title="Logs for various events on the wiki, including user creation, page deletion, moves, protections, blocks, and more.">Public logs</abbr>]]
* [[Special:AbuseLog|<abbr title="Log of edits which have tripped an abuse filter.">Abuse log</abbr>]]
* [[Special:LinkSearch|<abbr title="Search for pages which include a given external URL.">External link search</abbr>]]
* [[Special:AllMessages|<abbr title="Index of Mediawiki pages which create the interface text of the wiki. These pages can only be edited by administrators.">System messages</abbr>]]</small>
|'''[[Special:AllPages|<abbr title="Click to see the index of all pages.">Pages</abbr>]]'''<small>
* [[Special:NewPages|<abbr title="Click to see the log of new page creations.">New pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:AncientPages|<abbr title="Click to see the list of oldest pages.">Oldest pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:ShortPages|<abbr title="Click to see a list of pages in ascending order of length. This is good for finding pages which need to be expanded, merged, or deleted.">Short pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:LongPages|<abbr title="Click to see a list of pages in descending order of length. Exceptionally long pages may need to have excessive information culled or moved, or the article may need to be split into sub-articles.">Long pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:WantedPages|<abbr title="Click to see the list of non-existent pages which are linked to from other pages.">Wanted pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:LonelyPages|<abbr title="Click to see the list of pages which are not linked to from any other pages. Links should be added from the parent region/article, at minimum.">Orphaned pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:FewestRevisions|<abbr title="Click to see the list of pages with the fewest revisions.">Neglected pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:DisambiguationPageLinks|<abbr title="This list contains pages which contain a link to a disambiguation page. These links may be intentional (i.e. ``for other uses, see...) or they may be accidental, in which case they should be corrected to point to the intended page.">Pages linking to disambig</abbr>]]
* [[Special:UncategorizedPages|<abbr title="Pages listed here have no category, which means they lack various templates such as <nowiki>{{IsPartOf}}, {{geo}}</nowiki>, and status templates.">Uncategorized pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:UnconnectedPages|<abbr title="This list contains pages which have not been connected to a corresponding data item on Wikidata.">Pages w/o WD item</abbr>]]
* [[Special:ProtectedPages|<abbr title="Click to see the list of protected pages.">Protected pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:DisambiguationPages|<abbr title="Click to see the full list of disambiguation pages.">Disambig pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:PrefixIndex|<abbr title="View lists of pages by prefix.">Pages by prefix</abbr>]]
* [[Special:PagesWithProp|<abbr title="View lists of pages which contain magic words such as <nowiki>__NOTOC__, __NOINDEX__</nowiki>, etc.">Pages by property</abbr>]]
* [[Special:MostLinkedPages|<abbr title="This list shows the pages which are most linked to from other pages.">Most linked pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:MostRevisions|<abbr title="Click to see the pages with the most edits.">Most edited pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:MostCategories|<abbr title="This list shows pages with the most categories. Pages with many categories are likely tagged with multiple maintenance categories and may have serious problems which need to be fixed.">Pages with most cats</abbr>]]
* [[Special:ComparePages|<abbr title="This is a tool which compares two pages.">Compare pages</abbr>]]</small>
|'''[[Special:ListRedirects|<abbr title="Click to see the full list of redirect pages.">Redirects</abbr>]]'''<small>
* [[Special:DoubleRedirects|<abbr title="Double redirects are redirects which point to another redirect. They should be corrected to point to the final target of redirection.">Double redirects</abbr>]]
* [[Special:BrokenRedirects|<abbr title="Broken redirects are redirects which point to non-existent pages. They should be corrected to point to legitimate pages, or if none exists, consider nominating for deletion.">Broken redirects</abbr>]]</small>
|'''[[Special:Categories|<abbr title="Click to see the full list of categories.">Categories</abbr>]]'''<small>
* [[Special:WantedCategories|<abbr title="Wanted categories are non-existent categories which have members. Consider whether the category should be created, or whether the inclusion tags should be removed from the member articles.">Wanted categories</abbr>]]
* [[Special:UncategorizedCategories|<abbr title="Categories listed here do not belong to any other category and are thus not part of the category tree.">Uncategorized categories</abbr>]]
* [[Special:UnusedCategories|<abbr title="These categories have no members. Many of these are region articles which simply don't have any children articles yet. If there are other types of categories, consider whether they are useful or need to be nominated for deletion.">Unused categories</abbr>]]
* [[Special:MostLinkedCategories|<abbr title="Click to see the list of most popular categories.">Most linked categories</abbr>]]
* [[Special:CategoryTree|<abbr title="This page shows a given category in tree form.">Category tree</abbr>]]</small>
|'''[[:Category:Templates|<abbr title="Click to see the category of Mediawiki templates.">Templates</abbr>]]'''<small>
* [[Special:WantedTemplates|<abbr title="This category contains non-existent templates which are called from at least one article. Consider whether the template call can be removed from the respective articles.">Wanted templates</abbr>]]
* [[Special:UncategorizedTemplates|<abbr title="These templates do not belong to any category.">Uncategorized templates</abbr>]]
* [[Special:UnusedTemplates|<abbr title="These templates are not used in any articles. Some of these may need to be considered for deletion, but be carefuly, because some templates are intended for substitution only, and thus appear in this list as well.">Unused templates</abbr>]]
* [[Special:TemplateSandbox|<abbr title="This is a tool for previewing sandbox versions of templates.">Template sandbox</abbr>]]
* [[Special:ExpandTemplates|<abbr title="This special page takes text and expands all templates in it recursively.">Expand templates</abbr>]]</small>
|'''[[Special:ListFiles|<abbr title="Click to see the full list of files uploaded to the local wiki.">Files</abbr>]]'''<small>
* [[Special:NewFiles|<abbr title="Click to see the list of new file uploads.">New files</abbr>]]
* [[Special:UncategorizedFiles|<abbr title="These files do not belong to any category.">Uncategorized files</abbr>]]
* [[Special:UnusedFiles|<abbr title="This files are not used on any page. Consider whether they should be deleted or moved to Commons.">Unused files</abbr>]]
* [[Special:WantedFiles|<abbr title="This page lists non-existent file titles which are linked to from at least one page. Consider whether to remove such red links.">Wanted files</abbr>]]
* [[Special:MostLinkedFiles|<abbr title="Click to see the list of most-used files.">Most linked files</abbr>]]
* [[Special:GlobalUsage|<abbr title="Search global file usage.">Global file usage</abbr>]]
* [[Special:FileDuplicateSearch|<abbr title="Search for duplicate files.">Duplicate file search</abbr>]]</small>
== Travail ==

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