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* [[Special:ShortPages|<abbr title="ClickCliquez topour seevoir aune listliste ofde pages indans ascendingl'ordre orderde ofla lengthlongueur ascendante. ThisC'est isutile goodpour fortrouver findingdes pages whichqui needdoivent toêtre be expandedétoffée, mergedfusionnée, orou deletedsupprimée.">ShortPages pagescourtes</abbr>]]
* [[SpecialSpécial:LongPagesPages longues|<abbr title="ClickCliquez topour seevoir aune listliste ofde pages indans descendingl'ordre orderdécroissant ofde lengthla longueur. ExceptionallyExceptionnellement longlongues pages maypeuvent needavoir tobesoin havede excessivedisposer informationd'informations culled or movedexcessive, orou theil articlepeut mayêtre neednécessaire tode bediviser splitl'article intoen subsous-articles.">LongPages pageslongues</abbr>]]
* [[Special:WantedPages|<abbr title="Click to see the list of non-existent pages which are linked to from other pages.">Wanted pages</abbr>]]
* [[Special:LonelyPages|<abbr title="Click to see the list of pages which are not linked to from any other pages. Links should be added from the parent region/article, at minimum.">Orphaned pages</abbr>]]

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