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[en] From WTDuck2[modifier]

Hi, Re your message on my talk page, feel free to reuse any of the stuff I've put up. Disclaimer: my French isn't great either so it may have mistakes.

I plan to look at a section at a time on the New England/Maine/Mass/etc stuff you've been moving and do a rough correction of the Babelfish results. If you have any pages you particularly want looked at, let me know and I'll start there. Same disclaimer, I'll improve it over Babelfish, but we really need a native speaker to review it.

You've been around wikivoyage longer than me, so any clue what the status is of fr:? It's a lot quieter than en:, and I haven't seen any admins around - maybe all on summer holidays? In the meantime I've been reviewing Recent Changes and improving what I can, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes...

(WT-fr) WTDuck2 27 août 2007 à 12:31 (EDT)

Hi again, I think it's good to get the material out there, just maybe slap a {{bouchon}} label at the top when it's still rough. And all the work you're doing to build the hierarchies and deconflict the city names is definitely a good thing.... keep plunging forward... (ou, comme on dit ici, lance-toi!) (WT-fr) WTDuck2 31 août 2007 à 15:12 (EDT)

Quel nom?[modifier]

Bonjour, Julien. J'ai besoin de l'aide avec l'appellation des régions? Ce qui est un meilleur nom à employer pour un article: "Delaware du Nord" ou "Delaware Nordique" ou autre. Merci. (WT-fr) OldPine 2 septembre 2007 à 14:51 (EDT)

Je pense que le mieux serait sans doute Delaware (Nord). Je n'aime pas trop Delaware du Nord. Quant à Delaware Nordique, ça sonne franchement bizarre. (WT-fr) Julien 2 septembre 2007 à 15:12 (EDT)