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Avertissement de voyage Bonjour Peterfitzgerald, et bienvenue sur Wikivoyage !

Wikivoyage est un guide touristique en français en construction permanente qui grandit grâce à sa communauté de contributeurs bénévoles, guidé par quelques recommandations et règles à suivre. Un petit coup d'œil sur le manuel de style et particulièrement sur les patrons d'article vous donneront une bonne idée de la façon de structurer un article.

Si vous avez besoin d'aide et que vous n'arrivez pas à trouver d'information sur le sujet, n'hésitez pas à laisser un message au café des voyageurs ou à utiliser la page de discussion de l'article correspondant. N'oubliez pas de signer vos messages personnels sur les pages de discussion ; pour cela vous pouvez soit cliquer sur le bouton Signature, soit utiliser la macro ~~~~.

En: Welcome here, you know your way around on Wikivoyage. This is the local greeting. --(WT-fr) Rein N. 24 juillet 2009 à 11:25 (EDT)

Clean up[modifier]

Peter, I have done some clean up here. --(WT-fr) Rein N. 26 juillet 2009 à 12:25 (EDT)

J'ai compris mais laisse STP les modif que je viens de faire. Merci. Francesco 14/09/2009 I understand but please let the modificatons I've done today.

MediaWiki:SiteNotice French translation[modifier]

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your welcome greeting. Here is the translation of the notice:

Important : Wikivoyage envisage actuellement une mise à jour de licence vers la CC by-sa 3.0 ;
veuillez, s'il vous plaît, donner votre consentement ou votre refus ici.

--(WT-fr) Joelf 7 novembre 2009 à 14:42 (EST)

I've put it in its place, --(WT-fr) Rein N. 7 novembre 2009 à 15:04 (EST)

Rights to make a version available for download[modifier]

Currently traveling the world, I'm new to Wikivoyage and would like to contribute more on the French version, especially to set up a version for download. I downloaded the French one using HTTrack [1] (200 MB, 100 MB zipped) for my personal use on my laptop. Am I allowed to put this version on a website for public download? Am I supposed to acknowledge Wikivoyage on the download page? Even better, would it be possible to put this version on the Wikivoyage web site for download? I suppose this discussion should be carried on en:Wikivoyage_talk:Offline_Reader_Expedition. Thanks for your help. --(WT-fr) Joelf 7 novembre 2009 à 14:42 (EST)


Hello Peterfitzgerald,

I dont understand why you mark my messages as spam ? and why you place my domain name in a black list ?

I think I am totally in the spirit of wikivoyage. My site try to inform people about calling countries for the smallest amount money possible. I dont make a dime with this site.

In french : Le contenu doit être adapté à notre but. Tout ce qui est dans Wikivoyage doit servir notre objectif de créer un guide de voyage libre, complet, à jour et fiable. Le contenu qui ne sert pas cet objectif n'a pas sa place dans Wikivoyage.

This is what is written somewhere in your site : http://fr.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Wikivoyage:Recommandations_et_règles_%C3%A0_suivre

So, could you please recall your actions ?


Adding a link to your own page across over a hundred pages is the definition of spamming. More to the point, though, external links are highly regulated by Aide:Liens externes. If you agree to not re-add your links, I will happily remove your domain from the blacklist. Please also accept my apologies for not speaking French. I am actually an administrator from the English version—we are stretched very thin right now! --(WT-fr) Peter Talk 11 juillet 2012 à 17:32 (EDT)
Thanks for your very fast answer. (WT-fr) Joelf did answer me in "Le café des voyageurs",and talk to me about 2 wikivoyage's pages, "Liens_externes" and "External_links". I am sorry for not having known about these pages, they do not appear easily, it is the first time I heard about them. I do agree with them, the french page is not as precise as the english one, and at the same time I dont agree, I still think a person who document about Morocco is happy to know how much it could cost him to call Morocco with its mobile. Also,in the english page, you talk about agregators, as you can see on my "http://telephoner-moins-cherDOTinfo/Maroc" there is no aggregation, just an information ! But you decide :-(
Of course, your decision is not going to help me to increase my google rank, but I will not suppress the links to Wikivoyage from my site, since my aim is to give more infos to my visitors when they come on my site to get the info about phones costs which are so complicated to evaluate,as you may know.
Of course I will not re-add my links, so thanks to remove my domain from the blacklist.
Best regards, and thanks for you valuable site (and the work you do around it :-) )
(WT-fr) Sebastien

Hello Peter
Did'nt you say you could black-unlist telephoner-moins-cherDOTinfo as you offer me ? or may I do it ? it is not difficult. And I will not rebuild my links as promised :-) But I do not like the idea of being "black listed" somewhere, I am not a gangster !
Best Regards.
(WT-fr) Sebastien
Hello Peter,
I dont understand why you now do not want to get me out of this blacklist ! i dont believe it is good for my google reputation to be there and I did "spam" in good faith. Dont forget that all the interdictions do not appear in the french talking pages. So thanks to follow your engagement, and please, take my domain name out of this page. Thank you.
(WT-fr) Mouzaia 14 juillet 2012 à 05:50 (EDT)
Sorry for the delay—I have been either out of town or at the Wikimania conference in D.C. over the past week, and have had very little free time to check up on Wikivoyage. I have removed your domain from the blacklist, and thank you for understanding. --(WT-fr) Peter Talk 17 juillet 2012 à 00:28 (EDT)

Hi there. Could you please take a look at Wikivoyage:Nominations_des_scripts#User:Addbot Addshore (discussion) 30 juillet 2013 à 11:30 (UTC)Répondre[répondre]