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Route 66 memorabilia in Seligman, Arizona
Official Route 66 sign


Se préparer[modifier]

The last of US Route 66 was bypassed by Interstate highways in 1984


Jour 1: De Chicago à Springfield, Illinois[modifier]

Chicago Metro Area[modifier]

Chicago at the beginning of Route 66. The Pacific Ocean is 2448 miles from here.

Chicago à Springfield[modifier]

Jour 2: De Springfield à St. Louis[modifier]

Springfield à the St. Louis Metro Area[modifier]

St. Louis Metro Area (Illinois)[modifier]

Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis

Jour 3: De St. Louis à Springfield, Missouri[modifier]

St. Louis Metro Area[modifier]

St. Louis à Rolla[modifier]

Rolla à Springfield[modifier]

Jour 4: De Springfield, Missouri à Oklahoma City[modifier]

Springfield à Joplin[modifier]

The Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Mosque in downtown Springfield, Missouri.

Joplin à Miami[modifier]

The Marsh Arch Bridge west of Riverton, Kansas. Last of its kind and on the National Register of Historic Places since 1983.

Miami à Tulsa[modifier]

Tulsa à Oklahoma City[modifier]

Jour 5: De Oklahoma City à Amarillo[modifier]

Oklahoma City à Texola (OK)[modifier]

Texola à Amarillo[modifier]

Jour 6: De Amarillo à Albuquerque[modifier]

Amarillo à Glenrio (TX)[modifier]

Follow Amarillo Boulevard into Amarillo (home of the Big Texan, no longer on Route 66). Route 66 followed Amarillo Boulevard through Amarillo, but an older alignment turned south on Pierce, then west on Sixth, southwest on Bushland, then west again on Ninth, and finally rejoin Amarillo Boulevard. At Indian Hill Road, go west all the way out of town to Blessen Road, turn south, then continue west on the north frontage road. Watch for the Cadillac Ranch on the south side of the interstate, a must-see on Route 66. Stay on the north frontage road all the way to Vega, and then join Bus I-40 through town. Return to the north frontage road west of town through Adrian, which is the geographic center between Chicago and Los Angelos, there is a cafe and giftshop called Midpoint. At Gruhlkey (County Road 18), rejoin I-40 (the original road is cut off) and follow the interstate all the way to Exit 0, Glenrio. West of Gruhlkey, the highway makes two massive drops of the High Plains over an escarpment. At Exit 0, follow Bus I-40 into Glenrio (site of the famous First Motel/Last Motel in Texas), an almost ghost town on the edge of Texas and New Mexico.

Glenrio à Santa Rosa[modifier]

Santa Rosa à Albuquerque[modifier]

Jour 7: De Albuquerque à Flagstaff[modifier]

Albuquerque à Gallup[modifier]

Gallup à Winslow[modifier]

Winslow à Flagstaff[modifier]

Jour 8: De Flagstaff à Barstow[modifier]

Flagstaff à Topock(AZ)[modifier]

Grand Canyon
Hackberry General Store

Topock à Barstow[modifier]

Roy's, Amboy

Jour 9: De Barstow à Santa Monica[modifier]

Barstow à San Bernardino[modifier]

San Bernardino à Santa Monica[modifier]

Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Ocean

Six alternate alignments[modifier]

Original alignment through Southern Illinois[modifier]

Original alignment through St. Louis[modifier]

Historic alignment through St. Louis[modifier]

Bypass US 66 around St. Louis[modifier]

Original alignment in Springfield (Missouri)[modifier]

Original alignment in New Mexico[modifier]

St. Francis Cathedral, at the end of the Santa Fe Trail


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